Corporate Catering

Trying to get employees to get up from their desk and come to an event is like pulling teeth! What if everyone rushed to you and left your event with a big smile? Make a delicious smoothie the attraction! Maui Wowi Tampa smoothie catering is the perfect way to bring employees to you! “Read this, sign up for that, or make a donation and get a FREE, DELICIOUS SMOOTHIE!”

Don’t settle for the same old boring catering fare. Bring the PARTY to your event with a mobile Tiki Bar and the Aloha Spirit! Employees are guaranteed to have fun! They’ll be WOWed by the Tiki Bar, the Hawaiian attitude, and the healthy treat. They’ll be talking about your event for weeks!

The best part is that Maui Wowi Tampa takes care of the details for you. We can set up anywhere, and quick. Whether you need us on the fifth floor in a break room, in the cafeteria, or in the lobby, our team can make it work. Don’t worry about people waiting in long lines for a drink! We can pump out more than 200 smoothies per hour with a smile on our face!

Book us today to reserve your vacation in a cup!